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Local Control Funding Formula Reports

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Reports page provides access to search for the latest available LCFF funding and accountability data for individual schools, school districts, and county offices of education.

To access reports available for a school, district, or county office of education, type a portion of the entity name below. Name suggestions will appear after three or more characters are entered. Name suggestions are based on the most current version of the California School Directory []. Select entity name from the suggestion list and select Submit. If a suggestion list does not appear, use the Submit button to get a list of all available entities.

Availability depends on the type of entity.

The following table summarizes availability of reports by different entity type. N/A indicates that the report is not available for the particular entity.

Type of Entity LCFF Funding Snapshot LCFF State Priorities Snapshot Local Control and Accountability Plan
School District Available Available Available
School District - School Site N/A Available N/A
Charter School Available Available N/A
County Office of Education N/A Available Available
County Office of Education - School Site N/A N/A N/A

LCFF Report Types

LCFF Funding Snapshot

LCFF Funding Snapshot provides a summary of the main components of LCFF Transition funding.

The LCFF was enacted with the passage of the 2013–14 Budget Act, replacing the previous K–12 finance system with a new funding formula. The LCFF for school districts and charter schools is composed of uniform base grants by grade span (K–3, 4–6, 7–8, 9–12) and includes additional funding for targeted students. The LCFF will be phased in over a number of years. Until the LCFF is fully implemented, districts and charters will receive an entitlement known as the LCFF Transition Entitlement. For most districts and charters, it is based on the 2012–13 funding level, adjusted for changes in student population, plus an additional amount each year to bridge the gap between prior funding levels and the new LCFF target levels.

The LCFF Funding Snapshot is generated for the First Principal Apportionment (February Certification) and updated at the Second Principal Apportionment (June Certification) and Annual Apportionment (February Certification of the next fiscal year). The Snapshot data will not be updated after the Annual Apportionment. Detailed funding information for each period is contained in the Principal Apportionment funding exhibits, available on the Principal Apportionment Web page []. At each certification of the Principal Apportionment, the calculations and funding data from the previous certification are superseded.

Statewide data files used to produce the LCFF Funding Snapshots are available on the LCFF Funding Snapshot page [].

LCFF State Priorities Snapshot

The LCFF State Priorities Snapshot graphically displays data required for the local control and accountability plan (LCAP) relating to implementation of state priorities in the areas of Student Achievement, Student Engagement and School Climate.

Current law requires districts, county offices of education (COEs), and charter schools to annually update their LCAPs, which contain approximately 26 data elements. The LCFF State Priorities Snapshot provides three years of data for those LCFF related measures where state data are available. For further information on the data elements displayed in the LCFF State Priorities Snapshots and the calculation methods, please refer to the Glossary  [].

Wherever applicable, the LCFF State Priorities Snapshots are provided in two formats:

  • The first report provides data for all students in the school, district or county office of education, as applicable.
  • The second report provides data for all students and a detailed breakdown of the data by student groups, as applicable.

LCFF State Priorities Snapshots are generated for school districts, COEs, and schools, including charter schools, except if one or more of the following criteria apply*:

  • The student enrollment at the district and/or school is less than 11.
  • The school is a continuation high, opportunity, district community day, juvenile court, or special education school.
  • The school is overseen by a county office of education.
  • The school is participating in the Alternative Schools Accountability Model (ASAM).
  • The school does not have data available.

* Wherever applicable, school district or county office of education data may be provided in place of the school level report.

Statewide Data Files

Statewide data files used to produce the LCFF State Priorities Snapshot can be downloaded below:

File Structure

Descriptions of the elements in the downloadable LCFF State Priorities Snapshot data files.

Local Control and Accountability Plan

A Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is developed by each charter school, school district or county office of education to describe goals developed, including specific actions and services to meet those goals, to address state and local priorities identified pursuant to Education Code Section 52060(d) or 52066(d).

For additional information related to the LCAP, see Frequently Asked Questions [].

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