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Local Control Funding Formula - Funding Snapshot

A summary of the main Local Control Funding Formula components for each school district and charter school.

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) was enacted with the passage of the 2013–14 Budget Act, replacing the previous K–12 finance system with a new funding formula. The new formula for school districts and charter schools (LEAs) is composed of uniform base grants by grade span (K–3, 4–6, 7–8, 9–12) and includes additional funding for targeted students. The LCFF will be phased in over a number of years. Until the LCFF is fully implemented, LEAs will receive an entitlement known as the LCFF Transition Entitlement. For most LEAs, it is based on an LEA’s 2012–13 funding level, adjusted for changes in student population, plus an additional amount each year to bridge the gap between prior funding levels and the new LCFF target levels.

The LCFF Funding Snapshot is generated for the First Principal Apportionment (February Certification) and updated at the Second Principal Apportionment (June Certification) and Annual Apportionment (February Certification of the next fiscal year). The Snapshot data will not be updated after the Annual Apportionment. Detailed funding information for each period is contained in the Principal Apportionment funding exhibits, available on the Principal Apportionment Web page []. At each certification of the Principal Apportionment, the calculations and funding data from the previous certification are superceded.

The Snapshot is a two page document that can be exported to an Excel or PDF document. Brief descriptions of the components included in the Snapshot are available on the second page.

To access the LCFF Funding Snapshot for a specific LEA, type a portion of the school district or charter school name below. Name suggestions will appear after two or more characters are entered. Select a district/charter school name from the suggestion list and select Submit. If a suggestion list does not appear, use the Submit button to get a list of districts/charter schools.


LCFF Funding Snapshot Supporting Documents

  • 2016–17 LCFF Funding Snapshot Data [] (XLS; 19-Jun-2017)
    Downloadable file with statewide data used to produce the 2016–17 LCFF Funding Snapshots, based on P-2 data.
  • 2015–16 LCFF Funding Snapshot Data [] (XLS; 17-Feb-2017)
    Downloadable file with statewide data used to produce the 2015–16 LCFF Funding Snapshots, based on Annual data.
  • 2014–15 LCFF Funding Snapshot Data [] (XLS; 19-Feb-2016)
    Downloadable file with statewide data used to produce the 2014–15 LCFF Funding Snapshots, updated with Annual data.
  • 2013–14 LCFF Funding Snapshot Data [] (XLS; 20-Feb-2015)
    Downloadable file with statewide data used to produce the 2013–14 LCFF Funding Snapshots, updated with Annual data.

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